Dealing with Chemical Spill

Apr 13, 2016

Dealing with Chemical Spill

Dealing with Chemical Spills

Chemical spills or leaks are hazardous to laboratory users. Emergency plans of action must be strictly implemented in case of chemical accidents. These rules must provide a solution on how to contain the spill and proper decontamination procedure.

Follow these safety precautions in case of chemical spillage or leaks inside the laboratory:

  1. Prepare a plan of action on possible scenarios.
  2. Display chemical spillage charts in a prominent position inside the laboratory.
  3. Have a complete spillage kit already.
  4. Notify the person-in-charge immediately.
  5. Evacuate non-essential person in the spillage area.
  6. People who might be contaminated should be attended first.
  7. Extinguish open flames and switch off all possible ignition sources.
  8. Avoid breathing in or direct contact with spilled chemical.

To learn more about dealing with chemical spills, click and watch the video below: