Custom Products

Esco possesses a wealth of experience in the engineering and design of customized clean air and containment cabinets. These are a few reasons to choose Esco when looking for a partner to solve your demanding application-specific requirements.

Possible customizations:

Full stainless steel Esco Airstream Class III Cabinet.

Full stainless steel Esco Airstream S-Series Class II Cabinet.

Esco 4ft Customized Animal Handling Station with Hinged Sash and 3ft workzone height.

Modified Esco Labculture Class II Type B2 Biological Safety Cabinet with a white powder-coated internal workzone liner for higher lighting and less reflection of the walls.

Esco 6ft Customized Airstream® Class II Biological Safety Cabinet with RS232 port installed in the backwall

Customized Esco 3ft Airstream Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet with black wooden side panels and worktop for optic lens manufacturing operations

Esco's 6ft Labculture® Horizontal laminar flow cabinet with 3ft opening height

Esco Labculture Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet with a microscope mounting provision installed


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