VIVA® Bedding Disposal Animal Containment Workstations

VIVA® Bedding Disposal Animal Containment Workstations
  • Sentinel™ Microprocessor controller supervises all functions.
  • Industry-exclusive integrated adjustable height hydraulic stand improves ergonomics and enables the workstation to be adjusted to the user's height.
  • Long life ULPA filter protects the user and the environment from harmful particulates created when dumping cages.
  • NanocarbTM activated carbon filter removes odors.
  • Pre-filter extends the life of the main ULPA filter and can be safely changed within the work zone with the airflow operating.
  • Work area lighting is bright and uniform to help improve productivity.
  • Blower system is designed for high performance operation, maximum energy efficiency and minimal maintenance.
  • Single piece stainless steel work zone liner simplifies cleaning.
  • Offset opening in the work surface provides a staging area for cages to be dumped. This can facilitate faster and safer cage processing.
  • A 40-gallon NSF listed waste container is mounted to the work surface allowing for rapid disposal of waste materials within the work zone.
  • Esco ISOCIDE™ antimicrobial coating on all painted surfaces.
Model No.External Dimensions (mm)Internal Dimensions (mm)Airflow Velocity (Inflow)Airflow Velocity (Downflow)Electrical
VBD-4A11247 x 760 x (1966-2271)1040 x 680 x 5940.35 m/s (70 fpm)-

220-240V, AC, 50Hz, 1Ф

VBD-4A2110-120V, AC, 60Hz, 1Ф
VBD-4A3220-240V, AC, 60Hz, 1Ф
Esco offers a variety of options and accessories to meet local applications. Contact Esco or your local Sales Representative for ordering information.
  • Additional 40-gallon NSF-listed waste container (EQR/ME-BIN-1)
  • Replacement pre-filter (CRF/PF-13)
    • Pack of 6
    • Dimension: 870 mm x 500 mm (34.3" x 19.7")
    • Cardboard frame with polyester media