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Allergen Removal Testing on ESCO “Jetstream Air Shower” JAS-1B8-030Author: Dian Susanti and Alexander Atmadi

Laboratory animal allergy is one of the most common occupational health hazards in laboratory animal work. The removal and control of allergens in the animal facility is important for staff working with laboratory animals. In recent years, increased focus on laboratory animal allergy has led to the development of various types of allergen-reducing equipment, such as animal containment workstations and air showers. 

Air showers are commonly incorporated into laboratories using animal handling workstations to prevent the spread of interfering allergens from personnel to products. The air shower psychologically reinforces change of attire, and physically removes skin microorganisms and allergens. Air showers can thereby prevent infections inside the animal facility and the spread of allergens outside. Nevertheless, the type of clothing is an important factor in affecting the efficacy (Whyte, 2001). 

The aim of this study is to test the efficiency of the air shower on jump suit and lab coat material contaminated with a specific amount of mice allergen by evaluating the amount of allergen removed from the suit.